The EJPA Impact Factor

Recent rise of the impact factor of European Journal of Psychological Assessment!

Dear EAPA member,

There is very good news concerning the impact factor of the EAPA flagship, the European Journal of Psychological Assessment, which I would like to share with you: according to the most recent Journal Citation Report the impact factor of this journal is 1.561 for 2009. Since the foundation of European Journal of Psychological Assessment there was an almost steady rise in impact factor.
In 2007 the impact factor surmounted the 1.0 barrier for the first time. In 2008 it was even 1.262. This is a very enjoyable event for the journal and for EAPA. It demonstrates the good reputation and visibility of our journal in the scientific community. The articles published in European Journal of Psychological Assessment are obviously considered as valuable news. Furthermore, it confirms that the establishment and maintenance of this journal by EAPA is an invaluable service for the assessment community.

I think that we can be proud on this journal, and I hope that you do so also.

Sincerely yours,

Karl Schweizer

Editor-in-chief EAPA President

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