EC member candidatures requested

Dear EAPA listserv members,

Once the deadline to receive candidatures has expired, we have one candidate who is a current Executive Committee (EC) member of EAPA. Let me inform that, as noted in a previous message, this means that another EC member had to be incorporated too in this election process.

At this moment we would like to invite you all active members (those who have their 2011 fees paid) to submit candidatures for the position of EC member (self-nominations or others' nominations). Candidatures should come supported by two EAPA members. Besides the name of the candidate, a short description/CV should be included. Nominations and/or further information should be sent to Itziar Alonso-Arbiol, Deputy-General Secretary of EAPA by email ( by June 20th, 2011.

Best regards,

Itziar Alonso-Arbiol


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