1993, Groningen

Conference 1993, Groningen, 25-27 August

Chair: B. De Raad, 100 participants from 16 countries; 90 presentations

Keynote speakers

  • H. Spada: Cognitive modeling as diagnostic tool: Hopes and facts
  • S. Messick: Foundations of validity: Meaning and consequences in psychological assessment
  • R. Fernandez-Ballesteros (Presidential address): The expanding scope of psychological assessment

Symposia (conveners)

  1. Diagnostic reasoning (A. Godoy & J. Van den Bercken)
  2. Social interaction assessment (H. Westmeyer)
  3. Seminar: assessment of the elderly (T. Svensson)
  4. Hierarchical intelligence structures: integrating assessment on different levels (B. Mardberg)
  5. Organizational assessment (J.M. Peiro)
  6. Seminar: behavioral assessment: current and future developments (F. Silva)
  7. Personality questionnaires (W. Hofstee)
  8. Psychopathology assessment (P. Pichot)

Groningen 1993.jpg

Groningen 1993.jpg


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