1995, Trier

Conference 1995, Trier, 28-30 August

Chair: R. Steyer, 200 participants from 20 countries; 192 presentations

Keynote speakers

  • P. Kline: Personality questionnaires and beyond
  • F. Silva: Dimensions of interpersonal orientation: Studies on convergent and discriminant validation
  • R.K. Hambleton: Psychological assessment advances for the 21th century: New psychometric models, methods, and technology

Symposia (conveners):

  1. Social desirability and related concepts (R. Fernandez-Ballesteros & F. Silva)
  2. Objective tests in personality assessment (F. Ostendorf & B. De Raad)
  3. Assessment of the elderly (S.H. Filipp)
  4. A Five-Factor Model approach to childhood personality assessment (I. Mervielde & G.A. Kohnstamm)
  5. The constructive thinking inventory (CTI): reliability, factor structure, validity (W. Lauterbach)
  6. Dynamic assessment (J. Guthke)
  7. Constructivist assessment and the systemic perspective (H. Westmeyer)
Trier 1995.jpg

Trier 1995.jpg


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