1997, Lisboa

Conference 1997, Lisboa, 7-10 September

Chair: D. Rodrigues Silva, 250 participants from 27 countries; 226 presentations.

Keynote speakers

  • R.J. Sternberg: Successful intelligence: What is it, how can it be measured, and can it be taught?
  • L.R. Bergman & D. Magnusson: Categories and dimensions in psychological measurement within a holistic framework
  • B. De Raad: The five big big five issues: Rationale, content, structure, status and crosscultural assessment

Symposia (conveners)

  1. Test translations and adaptations: Current issues and applications (F. Van de Vijver)
  2. Psychological assessment of adolescents at risk (M.M. Casullo)
  3. Data integration in clinicaldiagnostic process (A. Godoy & J. Van der Bercken)
  4. Assessment of person development (J. Ter Laak)
  5. Evaluation and modeling of intra-individual change (R. Steyer)
  6. Forensic assessment (S. Hammond)
  7. Assessment of children depression (V. Del Barrio)
  8. Projective techniques with children and adolescents (R.H. Dana)
  9. New alternatives in the assessment of learning (C. Vizcarro)

Lisboa 1997.jpg

Lisboa 1997.jpg


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