1999, Patras

Conference 1999, Patras, 25-29 August

chair: D. Alexopoulos, 300 participants, 234 presentations

Keynote speakers

  • R. Fernandez-Ballesteros: Psychological assessment: Past, present and future
  • P. Baltes: How we master life: The orchestration of selection optimization, and compensation
  • A. Efklides: Feelings as subjective evaluations of cognitive processing: How reliable are they?
  • P. Borkenau: Assessment issues in behavior-genetic research on personality
  • W.J. Van der Linden: Developments in constrained adaptive testing
  • T. Cook: Cronbach's challenge: Making external validity as important as internal validity
  • J. Georgas: Cross-cultural issues related to the WISC-III

Symposia (conveners):

  1. Social-cognitive personality assessment: Structure, process and content (D. Cervone)
  2. Measurement and methodological issues in psychotherapy (A. Stalikas)
  3. New technologies and psychological assessment (E.M. De Juan)
  4. Intelligence assessment (H.M. Suess)
  5. Quantitative methods (R. Steyer)
  6. The application of anxiety and motivation inventories in academic context (H. Tsorbatzoudis)
  7. Psychological assessment via the use of computer technology (G. Grouios)
  8. Test translation (F. Van de Vijver)
  9. Empirical studies of methods (L. Sechrest)

Patras 1999.jpg

Patras 1999.jpg


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