2004, Malaga

Conference 2004, Malaga, 1-4 April

Chair: A. Godoy; This conference was organized in combination with the 6th Congreso Nacional de Evaluación Psicológica, attended by 500 participants; there were 250 English presentations.

Keynote speakers

  • S. Haynes: Psychological assessment and clinical case formulation
  • H. Westmeyer: Against confounding predictors with criteria in psychological assessment
  • I.M. Evans: Requiem for behavioral assessment
  • R. Fernandez-Ballesteros: Teaching the assessment process: A challenge

Symposia (conveners)

  1. Evaluation in physical activity and sports: Methodological advances (M.T. Anguera)
  2. Current research and assessment of motivational climate in the context of school, sports and organizations (I. Balaguer)
  3. Family assessment: Methodological issues (E.J. De Bruyn)
  4. Reconsidering marital quality and marital commitment (J.M.R. Gerris)
  5. Methodological innovations in program evaluation (S. Chacón)
  6. Attention research and implications for assessment (H. Moosbrugger & K. Schweizer)
  7. Experimental economics and psychology: Decision making under risk and expectations (J. Rodero)
  8. Self-regulation: validity and transcultural adaptation of the assessment questionnaires (J.L. Padilla)

Malaga 2004.jpg

Malaga 2004.jpg


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