2005, Budapest

Conference 2005, Budapest,
August 31 - September 4

Chair: Janos Nagy, 164 participants from 28 countries; 178 presentations

Keynote Speakers

  • Robert C. Cloninger: A psychobiological model of temperament and character
  • Aldert Vrij: Veracity assessments: Pitfalls and challenges
  • Lars Bergman: A person-oriented approach for studying individual development: Some implications for the choice of methods and measurements
  • Randall W. Engle: Working memory capacity, general cognitive control and fluid abilities
  • Peter J. Van Koppen: Offender Profiling
  • Andras Vargha: What can we loose in personality research by using only classical parametric statistical methods?

Symposia (conveners)

  1. Assessment of personality (Barelds, D.P.H. & De Raad, B.)
  2. Assessment of intelligence (Neubauer, A.C.)
  3. Assessment of ageing (Fern�ndez-Ballesteros, R.)
  4. The Raven Progressive Matrices: Fundamental psychometric issues and stability and change over time and culture (Raven, J.)
  5. Academic and life goals: Antecedents, mediators, and consequences (Efklides, A. & Sideridus, G.D.)
  6. Optimism (Rauch, W. & Schweizer, K.)
  7. Constructions of otherness in contemporary Greece (Dikaiou, M.)
  8. Neuropsychological/biological assessment (Stemmler, G.)

Budapest 2005

Budapest 2005


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